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Chronic Pain Therapy

You don't have to live with pain.

"I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you." - Joyce Meyer

If you have had nagging pain for more than a few months it can be very debilitating. We can help.

Nagging pain for months on end can be very debilitating.

Understanding the mechanisms causing and surrounding the pain are vital for eventually getting rid of it.

Unfortunately, a lot of physical therapists, chiropractors and even MDs will chase the pain, trying to alleviate "pain" itself and not the cause of the pain

Many times the area of pain is just a victim of something else going wrong in the body.

For example - If you have pain in your hip, it could be coming all the way from the ankle or big toe. Pain in your shoulder? It might be originating at your hip.

Unless you've gone through a thorough head to toe assessment to see how you are moving and how your body is working as a unit, it is very difficult to find the root cause and fix it.

Symptom-based approaches may provide temporary relief, but the pain often returns worse than before.

We understand that chronic pain can be managed and alleviated very quickly with the right approach.

We work in conjunction with some of the top doctors, trainers, coaches and allied health professionals to ensure all avenues are being explored for each individual.

We can take you from living with chronic pain to being more resilient than ever.

We have clients in their 60s feeling better than when they were in their 20s!

Come see what makes us different!

An active lifestyle shouldn’t hurt

As you get older, you may be noticing that your body "isn't what it used to be". Things you enjoyed before have become a little painful and less enjoyable.

While many folks suffer with the same types of ailments, we want to help you avoid them.

With targeted manual therapy and therapeutic exercise you can begin to make yourself "unbreakable". There are small things we can today to help you avoid the most likely pains and injuries people face today.

Targeted manual therapy is a targeted massage therapy that focuses on cause of the pain, not necessarily the area of pain. This is what makes targeted manual therapy different from general massages.

Therapeutic exercises are designed to "adjust" the areas where the pain is originating. In some cases this might mean strengthening while other cases might call for loosening an area of tension.

In the head to toe assessment we can uncover these problem areas and then come up with a specific plan of action for eliminating the pain and reducing further injury.

Why most physical therapy will just lead to more pain

You probably know this as well as I do, but country does not have a health care system.

Instead, we have a symptoms alleviating system.

Because of amazing medications and procedures, we can very quickly address pain limiting us in our day to day life by blocking off our brains from recognizing it as pain.

But here's the problem with that...

the longer we ignore the original cause of the pain, the worse it will get. Eventually the pain meds don't work. Then what?

On top of all that, letting it go for an extended amount of time is going to cause issues elsewhere in your body as it works to compensate.

Is that something you really want to deal with?

Utilizing the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) along with the training = rehab continuum, we make sure any weak links along the chain is addressed.

In other words, we don't put a band-aid on it and send you back out to the world again.

Our ultimate goal is for you to lead a happy, healthy and active lifestyle.

We'll even include active strategies to optimize your habits in your day to day life which lead to permanent progress.

Your path to permanent progress

You may have seen other physical therapists in New York or trained with personal trainers that got you quick results. 6 months later, you're back where you started

In pain.

This isn't uncommon, but also isn't our approach.

The goals we set for each client is to take you from broken to healing to healthy to fit.

We are fully confident in our rehab model because we put a lot into it. From stretching, to manual therapy, diet to stress management, We will guide you each step of the way.

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