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Executive Level Physical Therapy

We don't get you back on track, we help you succeed in life.

"I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you." - Joyce Meyer

New York City is a business powerhouse lead by some of the most influential business leaders in the world. You might be one of them.

On the surface, successful business people have it made, but all to often - there is a sacrifice.

If you are reading this right now you know exactly what the sacrifice is.

Your health 

Executives and other successful business people got to where they are through long hours, constant stress, and little time to dedicate to personal health.

This is where Dr. Babenko can help.

For years, Dr. Babenko has been "undoing" the years of misuse, injury, and stress highly business people tend to acquire as a result of their success.

Imagine a day when you can enjoy what you've achieved but feel great doing it!

Through various techniques, you'll transform from "broken" to better than before. Our goal isn't to just fix things. As a result, you'll perform better, focus easier, and think more creatively.

Why do executives suffer?

Climbing up the corporate ladder is not just a tough mental task, but it can also take a huge toll on you physically.

The time demands for being a successful executive along with the lifestyle can add up to numerous orthopedic issues over the years.

But all is not lost!

Just like how most folks succeed in business, with the right attention to numbers and hard work, we can help your body be at it’s best.

We take a head-to-toe results focused approach that is works for many of NYC’s top executives already.

Our Manhattan facility at Halevy Life allows the combination of manual therapy and functional training which improves soft tissue and optimizes your ability to move better. This combination keeps you feeling and acting younger.

Our number one priority is helping you improve your quality of life and break you out of patterns that can cause costly surgeries.

Let us invest in your future by starting your health journey with Halevy Life Physical Therapy.

If it doesn't, don't pay me!

What does Executive Care improve?

Long hours in poor postures create pain and suffering, plain and simple.

All the stress you face day-to-day can manifest in the upper back, back of the neck, and slow down any healing your body is trying to do.

Sleepless nights and the constant release of stress hormones like cortisol make your body less healthy overall.

A healthy body has smooth sliding surfaces between the skin and muscles. An unhealthy body doesn't. This affects how you move throughout the day.

When you are healthy, each joint of the body has a full range of motion. When you are not moving as efficiently as you should, your range of motion becomes limited and the body assumes you don't need it anymore.

Most low back pain is linked to a lack of motion. If one of the 80% of people who has suffered from extreme lower back pain, you understand how debilitating it can be.

A simple way to avoid this is to move intelligently through a back stretching program and core strengthening series of exercises that we can teach you.

Let's work together to re-mobilize those joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Regular PT Vs. Executive Care

If you have ever been referred to a Physical Therapist in New York, you probably remember walking in to a place where you were just a number, another patient that has arrived for their appointment.

The goal of that Physical Therapist is to get you back to par.

You may have just had surgery or even experienced some traumatic event which has landed you in sessions.

The goal isn't to improve your overall well-being, it is just to get you back on track.

With our Executive Level Physical Therapy program, you are a priority, not a patient.

We don't want to help you recover, we want to be part of your successes in life.

Think about it like this...

if you can move better, function easier, feel younger, your overall performance in life increases.

This means you can problem solve easier, communicate better, and handle stress with a smile.

If you think you are a top performer now, imagine how much better you can be with the help of Dr. Babenko helping improve the complete "you".

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You're a top performer but it's come at a cost. Now it's time to improve you.

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