Engineering Best For Math Lovers


Engineers, don’t they just love math? Yes, they do or rather they must do. You see, math is that brick lay up in foundations to create a noble discipline like engineering. Engineering, applied science that turns a sequence of ones and twos into captivating art, has long been a body of calculations, no doubt it functions on the rules of mathematics. What about math lovers? They dissect arguably the most intellectual of all subjects, these people are on a fence much fear to sit on, and they found a darling that is popular among few. From the brilliant geometry of the Taj Mahal and the Great Pyramid of Giza to American Katherine Johnson, whose calculations help NASA put a man on the Moon, mathematicians are individuals credited with great things of the world. Even so, for many math lovers who want to dive into the engineering course, they are faced with the task of choosing a specialized aspect of the course varieties.

Here, is a guild on which

Here, is a guild on which engineering is best for math lovers but before going into that, mathematics is such a wild scope make up of the likes of Algebra, Calculus, etc. It uses different quantities in negative numbers, matrices, vectors, etc, hence the need for the awareness of the engineering student on which mathematical topic they are best on. Engineers research to find new ways to invent and innovate, design, and draft blueprints, they construct, develop, test, change, install, visit, and maintain projects in fields and construction sites. Notwithstanding, they also provide consulting services and teach courses in institutions. In all these, math plays a huge role in the effective delivery of services.

Engineering has several categories including Civil,

Engineering has several categories including Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, and other subcategories for your chosen. In all branches, there is no running from math; consequently, the guild helps you to know the basis and the math involvement in some major engineering categories providing a chosen variety for math lovers.

Certainly, the Electrical category has the

Certainly, the Electrical category has the most math because of the various scientific breakthrough, if you are a true tech lover and crave some rigid calculations, this could be your best bet as it deals with the study, design, building, testing, presentation, and control, of devices, and systems that work with electricity and magnetism. A thorough idea of calculus is essential for understanding how alternating current and capacitor work, with sound knowledge on differential equations and algebra. Basic application of electrical laws such as Faraday’s Ohm’s, and Gauss’s laws, are vital too. The electrical engineer is already presented with a large industrial work field; figures gotten from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says a 2% job increase by 2028 and a current salary of $101250.

Engineering Best For Math Lovers

With the rate of high internet usage, Computer engineering has a wide user base. It combines electronic knowledge and computer skills in the practice of designing systems, networks, hardware, and software components to the best of their ability. Math skills, especially for counting and graph and good analysis techniques, are needed for studies as they are used for designing and editing programs. Also needed are basic algebra and statistics. Job increase as shown by the BLS is expected to rise 6% with a median salary of $117220 per year.

One of the broadest engineering disciplines is the mechanical division, they function in industries that deal mostly with machines, once it moves, it is mechanical. Mechanical engineers cover work such as building, developing, testing, and maintenance of the control system, and equipment. A high understanding of the relationship between math and the observable machine is required. It feeds mostly on calculus and differential equations with extended knowledge on trigonometry, and geometry. Since it deals with movement, the basis of the laws of nature such as those of thermodynamics, Newton motion laws should be well known. In line with the BLS record, the median pay for mechanical engineers is $88430 per year, and jobs in years time will rise 4%.

If you wish to mix your math skills with good talent to show clear creativity and style, you might want to go for civil or structural engineering. An area quite unlike other engineering fields involves the practice of designing, planning, constructing, and maintaining structures like buildings, roads, bridges, etc. Attach to this is a firm math grip especially in areas of algebra, and geometry. Calculations on physics are needed to know the strength, thickness of pillars, and bridge steels. Counting and statistical skills are vital to figuring out the total cost for a proposed project. The BLS shows a 6% job growth within the next 8 years, with a median wage of $87060 per year.

Petroleum and chemical engineering do not use math frequently but can still be considered. Chemical engineering employs a combination of life science (major in chemistry), lots of physics and math for turning raw materials and converting chemical compounds into industrial use and home use. For petroleum engineering which deals with crude oil and gas drilling and production, sound knowledge of geology, and geometry is needed. Both require just the same math skills from simple algebra, trigonometry, and plenty of differential equations. These are special group as they are in high demand, the job growth for both according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is fixed at 6% and 3% growth in the next coming years with a median pay of $108770 per and $137720 respectively.

We have seen it that technology is all around us, and math is found everywhere in engineering, but which is best for math lovers? There is really no specificity. Different engineering field with its unique math approach, it rests on you to know which best suits your math. For rigorous calculations pure or applied math will be the best pick; however, if you wish to add diversity and style to your math skill then engineering presents a lot of chances. True it holds a ritual of toughness but with the dedication and strong desire is only a matter of time before you start mining treasures.